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a web designer

"Permit then to suggest the character of this dramatis persona"



Hi, I’m Matteo, an Italian web designer! Welcome on my website! Let me present myself.
There are three main cores that can describe me.
Click on each of them to discover why I’m passionate about them!

"Life is like a box of chocolate"

What I like to do


After graduating in Sound and Music Computing (105/110),
I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Computer Science. When I don’t do that, I like to design website in the most minimalist and clean way I can.

I also like to write music, play the drums and I’m a CTF player too. Last but not least, I volunteer for Alecrim (company to disabled people) and Banco Alimentare (giving food to those that can’t afford it)

"But lately there ain’t been much work on account of the economy"

My works


These are some of the works I did in the past years.
I worked both as a web developer and a logo designer.
Check them out in my portfolio!

Disclaimer: some of these were only entries for design contests.

DoggieWoggie Logo
Casa del melograno logo
Luca De Filippis logo
Khumbu pins logo
gorditas logo
Clickday 2020
Postami logo
fonomotriz logo
elise trouw logo
Defender logo

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."



My philosophy is: the less, the better. I think that a clean, simple design is often more direct and prettier than something with too many spectacular and often ugly effects. That’s why I tend to build minimalist websites. Two colors, a bunch of lines a touch of creativity: that’s the magic.

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